Take Workstation With You

Maybe you’re scheduling a business trip, or perhaps you’re planning to squeeze in a few hours of work before bed agen judi slot. Either way, you’ll need your important documents and files with you in order to stay productive after you leave the office. But how do you access the files you need when they’re stored on your office PC?

The most obvious answer is to pack up your work computer and take it with you. This simple solution has plenty of upsides. It requires no initial setup or file-syncing schemes; just turn on your computer and get to work. And because you work on it every day, your office PC is already configured for maximum productivity bandar judi slot. This is a solution that requires no tinkering and no compromises, but unless you work on a thin, light laptop, it might not be feasible; a bulky laptop may be too large or heavy for frequent commutes. And if you work on a desktop PC, this solution is almost out of the question.

Pros: No setup required, and no need to make compromises in your workflow. Packing up your work laptop means you can get right to work when you reach your destination.

Cons: Your work PC may be too big for travel, and lugging your workstation home every night is a chore.

Store your files in the cloud

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Cloud-storage platforms such as Dropbox and iCloud let you sync your files to the Web so they’re accessible from anywhere — at least as long as you have a working Internet connection. Setting up a cloud-storage system is usually as easy as designating a folder on your hard drive to act as a shared folder. All files inside that folder will be uploaded to a Web server, and can be accessed from any Internet-connected device. Better yet, any changes or edits will be synchronized across all your computers and mobile devices. That eliminates the need to juggle multiple versions of a document that you’re working on. It also means you’ll never have to worry about forgetting a file on your work PC. It’s a simple, lightweight and dependable file-storage solution.

Pros: Set it up and never worry again. Your files and edits will be automatically synced across all your devices, and can be accessed from anywhere.

Cons: Files are only accessible when you have a working Internet connection. Files accidentally saved outside of the designated folder will not be synced. And business users who work with sensitive, private client information may not want to upload that data to the cloud.

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