Know More About Types of Sales Apps

Among the many types of sales apps you can buy are:

Customer relationship management (CRM) apps. These apps substantially streamline sales, marketing and customer service work. To learn more about them and find our favorite picks, visit our CRM software reviews page.

Team communication and collaboration apps. These apps facilitate quicker, more organized communication within and across your teams. To find all of our picks for the best team communication apps, view our list of top small business collaboration apps.

Task and project management apps. These apps divide your team’s tasks into projects, with deadlines and individual team member assignments specified as well. To learn more about these apps and see our favorite picks, visit our project management software reviews page.

Note-taking apps. Note-taking apps include platforms for creating and organizing traditional text notes. They also include handwriting recognition apps that convert notes taken by hand on mobile devices into legible text. To learn more about handwriting recognition apps, view our list of the top handwriting recognition apps.

Document management apps. Given the ever-accelerating migration of all work to online spaces, proper digital document management and organization technology becomes increasingly important by the day.
Travel apps. Our list of the top business travel apps can help you simplify so many aspects of running your business while you’re away from the office.

Presentation apps. PowerPoint is far from the only presentation app that assists businesses in delivering presentations both internally and externally. Our list of the top presentation apps explains why you might want one of these apps in addition to PowerPoint.

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